Rananta Analytics

Predictive analytics, modeling and automated pricing for sports, esports, politics, financial markets,  live events and anything data related.

Over 25 years experience working with media, finance, gaming and more. 

What do we do ?

We offer a unique combination of mathematics and technology.  Prior work includes :

- National News Media: Real-time win% for March Madness. Individual game and tournament win % updated after each play.

- Sports Betting Fund: Ultra-fast sports trading models for US sports. Fair value odds updated within milliseconds of each play.

- Hedge Fund: Statistical arbitrage models and automated trading solution.

- National News Media: Election and political probabilities including real-time election night predictions updating as incremental vote counts were released.

- Options Trading Firm: Intra-day options models and automated pricing.

- Esports Media Platform: Fortnite World Cup odds and analysis.

- Multiple Clients: Prediction models  for NFL, NCAA FB, NBA, NCAA BK, MLB, NHL, PBA, Soccer. Game outcomes and player stats.